Lecture notes and worksheets

Below you will find additional material that accompanied my teaching of introductory syntax and semantic classes and some slides delivered at the ESSLI summer school in 2014. The lectures on the syntax of German were published as "Syntax. Eine merkmalbasierte Analyse des Deutschen", Stauffenburg Verlag 2006ff; the introductory semantics classes resulted in a book written together with Ede Zimmermann: "Intoduction to Semantics. An Essential Guide to the Composition of Meaning", de Gruyter 2013. Note also a list of errata for each book.

Additional Material

Event Semantics

In 2018 de Gryuter encouraged us to add a chapter to our "Introduction to Semantics" as part of a new revised, corrected, and extended edition. I then wrote a chapter on Event Semantics (which became Chapter 10), adjusted surrounding material (eg. the previous Chapter 10 moved to an appendix), and hoped to get Ede's consent. In fall 2019 I visited him in Athens and learned that he did not approve of the new stuff. Since then the issue is pending. Event-ually, I nonetheless decided to make available my proposal, if only as a preliminary to a final version (should there ever be any) with Ede's revisions.


Exercises for my courses in Tübingen were designed for a semantics course (4th term students) that presupposed a semantics 0 course and a course in logic for linguists.

Exercises by Natalie Clarius, Tübingen

Exercises by David Lahm, Tübingen

Additional Exercises by Kjell Johann Sæbø, Oslo

The ESSLLI summer school lectures (2014) (together with Ede Zimmermann)

Addenda to Lecture 4 on Quantification