Reviewing for journals or scientific organizations is hard work, especially because you normally disagree but won't earn any money with the criticism you were trying to offer. Sometimes, however, reading a dissertation or habilitation is less frustrating, nonetheless one often spends a lot a time in trying to understand everything. It seems to me that the author's gerneral strategy is to make their contribution transparent enough to create a vague feeling of understanding, without going too deeply into the logic of the theory, its overall architecture, and the consequences of the particular proposal for other parts of the theory. But then, this will create your own thoughts on the matter and you are back to the work you like.

Gutachten zu Dissertationen


  • Fabian Schlotterbeck
    From Truth Conditions to Processes: How to Model the Processing Diffculty of Quantified Sentences Based on Semantic Theory


  • Jutta Hartmann
    The Syntax and Focus Structure of Specificational Cleft Constructions


  • Svetlana Krasikova
    Modals in Comparatives




  • Shin-Sook Kim
    Intervention Effects in Questions
    (auswärtiger Gutachter, Universität Frankfurt)
  • Elisabeth Villalta
    Context Dependence in the Interpretation of Questions and Subjunctives


  • Fabrizio Arosio
    Tense, Aspect, and Temporal Homogeneity
  • Fabian Heck
    A Theory of Pied Piping
    (erhielt den Promotionspreis der Neuphilologischen Fakultät)
  • Silke Fischer
    Toward an Optimal Theory of Reflexivization


  • Aria Adli
    Grammatische Variation und Sozialstruktur


  • Edward Göbbel
    Syntactic and Focus-Structural Aspects of Triadic Structures


  • Ingo Reich
    Zur Kongruenz von Grage und Antwort im Deutschen
  • Cécile Meier
    Konsekutive Konstruktionen und relative Modalität


  • Ralf Vogel
    Polyadic Verbs
    (auswärtiger Gutachter, Humboldt Universität Berlin)


  • Sigrid Beck
    Wh-Constructions and Transparent Logical Form
  • Jung-Goo Kang
    Consecutio Temporum, Aspekt und Transparente Logische Form

Gutachten zu Habilitationsschriften



  • Ingo Reich
    Asymmetrische Koordination im Deutschen




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  • German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development
  • CNRS Paris

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